It’s been about 1.5 years since Microsoft first announced the Microsoft Professional Program. Basically, the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) is a cross between an Online Degree and a Multi-Exam Certification. It’s a good move by Microsoft to provide a better training path than certifications, while simultaneously working to fill the skills gap that traditional degree programs have difficulty filling. Essentially, it’s a good cross between the two paths, providing yet another great non-traditional alternative to education and career advancement. Plus, now the Microsoft Professional Program offers 5 different “degree” tracks to choose from!

What 5 “Degree” Tracks are Available?

The original track offered in the MPP program was Data Science, and it covers Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning technologies. There are also 4 more additional tracks to choose from now.

FYI, the reason I’m typing “Degree” in quotes is because it’s basically an online degree program, but Microsoft doesn’t call them degrees. Microsoft calls them certifications, and they are certainly different than traditional degrees. However, in my opinion, calling this a certification doesn’t fit either, since the requirements are much more rigorous than normal Microsoft Certifications. Hence, I like to just refer to this as a “Degree” program; quotes and all. LOL

Here’s a list of the 5 different track available within the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP):

It was neat to see the MPP program expanded from just Data Science, to include Big Data and Front-End Web Dev. It’s also just as amazing to see it expanded out to Cloud Administration and DevOps recently as well.

To view / read more information on each of the MPP tracks, just click on the name of the track above. That link will take you to the official MPP track information from Microsoft.

Happy learning!

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