Microsoft started shipping the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition on March 30, 2016. Naturally, many people are beginning to wonder how they can purchase a Microsoft HoloLens. If they’re shipping it, where can you buy it? How much does it cost? These and others are common questions people have.

What does “Development Edition” mean?

The Microsoft HoloLens that is currently shipping is the “Development Edition.” This is the first release of the HoloLens hardware, and is being sold for development purposes only. It’s currently not meant for general consumer use, and as such is not available for everyone to purchase just yet.

In fact, the “Development Edition” very much feels like a Consumer product. It’s very polished, nice looking, and works really well. The difference between Development and Consumer Edition (once there is one) has not been stated. Only time will tell, what will/could be different when a Consumer Edition is released.

How do I buy Microsoft HoloLens?

If you are a Developer and wish to build software for the Microsoft HoloLens then you can apply to buy a HoloLens. Instead of selling HoloLens on a “first come, first serve” basis, Microsoft has an application process. Once your application is approved you will then receive an email notice that you have been selected. After this, you will receive an invitation to purchase email at the time which Microsoft has inventory available.

What are the Application requirements?

To purchase a Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, you must first apply and be invited to purchase. The Prerequisites to be able to apply are:

  • You are a Developer within the United States or Canada
  • You are a Windows Insider
  • You are fluent in English. The reason for this is that currently the Development Edition hardware and apps are only available in English.

How much is Microsoft HoloLens?

The Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is currently selling for $3,000 to those who have applied and are invited to purchase. There hasn’t been any mention as to how much a Consumer version of the HoloLens will cost.

Presumably, a Consumer Edition would cost less than the Development Edition, but Microsoft has not given any statement to future pricing.

How many can I purchase?

For those who are invited to purchase a Microsoft HoloLens, the max purchase limit is 2 HoloLens devices.

What Languages are available?

Currently, with the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, only English language versions are available. Additionally, they are only being sold and shipped to the United States and Canada.

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