In recent months the United States has banned Laptops and other large electronics from carry-on bags aboard Airplanes from Dubai and surrounding areas bound for the USA. This is a difficult ban for business travelers since they can’t work on their laptop on the hours long flight across the ocean. It wouldn’t be so bad if the flight were shorter, but in this case it’s a fairly decent inconvenience and provides lots of frustration. The following video was recorded by Sean Ong and shows his solution to the laptop and tablet ban on airlines.

This is an awesome use of the Microsoft HoloLens! It’s only a matter of time until Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality become much more mainstream. Currently, IMO, the only thing holding the Microsoft HoloLens back is really the price. If the HoloLens were cheaper then there’d be a lot more people buying and using it. However, the User Experience is still being defined, but it has tons potential and is already immensely useful.

With the coming release of Mixed Reality headsets from Acer and HP that will be tethered and require a Windows 10 PC to run will surely bring Mixed Reality closer to the masses. Although with it being tethered to a PC, it certainly won’t help solve the “laptop airline ban” problem quite like the HoloLens can, as the HoloLens is a fully self contained Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality computer system.

Isn’t the future looking awesome?!

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