The Microsoft HoloLens and Windows 10 support a holographic “on-screen” keyboard for text entry. There is also a voice to text option for text entry through this holographic keyboard as well. However, there are times when text input is just quicker and easier with the use of a keyboard. Fortunately, the Microsoft HoloLens fully supports Bluetooth, so you can easily connect a Wireless, Bluetooth Keyboard to the Microsoft HoloLens and use it for text entry. This is something that could be extremely useful for doing work on the HoloLens, but also helps make YouTube, Email and Web Browser easier to do.

Here’s a short video I recorded that demonstrates how to Pair a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Microsoft HoloLens using the built-in Windows 10 support. I also demonstrate navigating to a website within the Microsoft Edge browser using the keyboard once it is paired.

The keyboard I’m using in the video is the following:

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