The Microsoft HoloLens is a really exciting new technology allowing holograms to be pinned to any physical space within your home or office. Due to the HoloLens extremely limited availability there aren’t very many apps available for it. Since the Microsoft Azure Portal is a web application it is automatically enabled to work on the HoloLens using the Microsoft Edge web browser.

The Microsoft Edge web browser on the Microsoft HoloLens is the exact same Edge browser available on desktop Windows 10 PCs. As a result, all the same compatibility for the web is available on the HoloLens straight out of the box. Any website or web application can be used on the HoloLens through the Edge browser; assuming there are no issues with web compatibility in within this web browser.

Here’s a short video showing it in action to provide some additional proof:

It’s still early days for the Microsoft HoloLens, and only time will tell how many cool, hollywood style apps we will see. Currently there’s no surfing through your Azure Resources in the same style as visualized in many movies, such as the 1995 movie Hackers. Although, I’m not sure how much value add a 100% holographic experience would be with the Microsoft Azure Portal use case anyway.

NOTE: I recorded this video as part of a series of content I’m creating for http://BuildHoloLens.com to show what can be done with the HoloLens and how. Build HoloLens is a sister site to this site where instead of focusing on Azure, the focus is entirely on HoloLens.

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