For some time now, Tim Warner, a fellow Microsoft MVP, has been posting short videos that methodically go over all the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification exam objectives and skill areas. This is a pretty great free series of training/study content geared towards those prepping for the Azure Fundamentals certification. One of the latest topics he’s covered is a pretty good overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) services within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

In Tim’s overview of Azure IoT services, he will take you through a look into the following Azure services and topics around IoT:

  • What is IoT?
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Azure Sphere
  • Azure IoT Tools extension for Visual Studio Code
  • Connect a Raspberry Pi device to Azure IoT Hub

Here’s the “Exam AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Study Guid – Episode 16 of 50: Azure IoT Products” video from Tim Warner, hosted over on his YouTube channel:

As you study for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification exam, you’ll want to be sure to study each of the objective areas until you feel comfortable with it. To help you during this study process, Myself and Dan Patrick have put together a series of Free Azure Certification Exam Self Assessment Tools to help you. I recommend you go download the self assessment tool for the AZ-900 exam, and use this to ensure you stay on track to fully study all the exam objectives and feel confident when you take the exam.

While this video doesn’t go real in-depth, it does provide a really great, short primer into the main areas Microsoft is offering for building Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and an introduction to what’s part of the Microsoft Azure IoT ecosystem. If you want to learn more about Azure IoT, I have LOTS of IoT content here on Build5Nines.com, as well as stuff I’ve written over on Hackster.io too! This is a really exciting topic and area of the technology industry.

Here are some great articles I’ve written that will help you expand on what you’ve learned in Tim’s video to gain a deeper understanding of some of these technologies:

Thanks, Tim!

P.S. If you’r interested, Tim is publishing his full series of AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals study content on his YouTube Channel.

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