Azure ExpressRoute is a feature of Microsoft Azure that enables you to setup a direct, private connection from your datacenter to the Microsoft Azure backbone. Microsoft has announced a new capability that will enable Satellite connectivity into Azure ExpressRoute to enable direct, remote connectivity into Azure ExpressRoute from anywhere on Earth. This will be useful many industries who rely on remote compute capabilities; such as Transportation, Oil & Gas, Remote Factories, Defense & Peacekeeping, Energy, and more!

What is Azure ExpressRoute?

Azure ExpressRoute is a capability within Microsoft Azure that enables an on-premises network to be connected and extended into the Microsoft Cloud. It uses a direct, private connection into Microsoft Azure (via a connectivity provider) that does not traverse the public Internet; thus, it is much more secure. In addition to the security benefits, Azure ExpressRoute generally offers greater bandwidth speeds at lower cost than using a VPN with your ISPs Internet connection to connect your local network into Microsoft Azure.

Azure ExpressRoute is a capability within Microsoft Azure that enables an on-premises network to be connected and extended directly into the Microsoft Azure cloud; without traversing the public Internet.

Azure ExpressRoute Satellite Connectivity

Hybrid networking / integration between your data center and the Microsoft Azure cloud can now be connected via Azure ExpressRoute using satellite connectivity. In the past your data center needed to be close enough to a connection provider to connect Azure ExpressRoute for hybrid-cloud connectivity. Now with Satellite support for Azure ExpressRoute, you can directly connect your data center anywhere in the world to Microsoft Azure.

Remotely Connect Azure ExpressRoute via Satellite 1
Azure ExpressRoute Satellite Connectivity

The ability to connect directly to Azure ExpressRoute via satellite connectivity has some great implications for many industries and use cases. There are many industries that deploy remote compute (or remote data centers) in various places around the globe. These industries include Transportation, Oil & Gas, Remote Factories, Energy, and Defense & Peacekeeping, among countless other potential uses for Azure ExpressRoute satellite connectivity.

This new capability is supported through integration between Microsoft and a few satellite connectivity partners. These are the satellite partners currently able to bring new options and coverage to Azure ExpressRoute via satellite connectivity:

  • SES
  • Intelsat
  • Viasat

This is exciting news as Microsoft continues to expand the global reach of Microsoft Azure. Not only is Microsoft Azure available in 54 regions (and growing!) around the globe, but Azure ExpressRoute satellite connectivity expands the possibilities to anywhere on the planet! This means every remote location on the planet can be directly connected to the Microsoft Azure backbone over satellite connection using Azure ExpressRoute.

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