Many software systems can become fairly complex with many different interconnected and communicating components. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can especially become complex. Instead of individual tiers for each piece of the software system, an IoT solution can be composed of thousands or even millions of IoT hardware devices in addition to the backend tiers for processing data, predicting analytics, reporting, business intelligence, and on, and on. Internet of Things solutions are becoming some of the most complex solutions on the planet.

The newly announced Microsoft IoT Central is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud that will help build, use, and maintain Internet of Things solutions. It provides an easier way to create connected products, and takes away much of the work necessary to build IoT solutions. Microsoft IoT Central reduces the complexity of IoT, thus enabling businesses to better utilize IoT to propel their business forward in the newly emerging age of IoT.

Here are a couple of highlighted benefits that Microsoft IoT Central provides:

Lower barrier to entry into building and managing IoT solutions
Microsoft IoT Central allows you to avoid many of the complexities that traditionally come with building and maintaining Internet of Things solutions. The end-to-end IoT SaaS solution is easy to use and will adapt to your needs and processes.

Push the limits of existing boundaries
Microsoft IoT Central will allow you to push your business to new boundaries; to new heights. You can utilize the IoT SaaS solution to more easily create new revenue opportunities and accelerate your innovation through the use of smart, connected products.

Utilize Proven Technology at the Foundation of the end-to-end IoT SaaS solutions
Microsoft IoT Central is based on the proven technology behind the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. It also utilizes industry-leading technology and enterprise-grade security features to enable you to stay in control of your IoT devices and data.

Automatic Security at the core of the service
Microsoft IoT Central utilizes industry-leading technology to provide enterprise-grade security features. This enables you to trust the superior security of Microsoft IoT Central, rather than implementing it on your own. This will ensure that you don’t make fundamental mistakes with authentications, encryption and other aspects of IoT security; thus likely providing a much more secure solution that your development team could build by themselves.

Do you want to learn more about Microsoft IoT Central and become part of the Microsoft IoT SaaS partner community? You can sign up on the official product page for Microsoft IoT Central.

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