The Microsoft Azure Cost Estimator Tool allows for the necessary hosting resources of an enterprise environment to be mocked up as the appropriate Azure instances that match, then it will estimate out the total cost of hosting those resources in Microsoft Azure. The Azure Pricing Calculator available online can be helpful if you know what Azure Services you need, but the Azure Cost Estimator tool can be more helpful for more complex scenarios. This is a free tool available directly from Microsoft.

Download Here: Microsoft Azure Cost Estimator Tool


Currently, the Microsoft Azure Cost Estimator Tool is only available for download to run on Windows 7 or newer (both client and server editions.) There are more details about the system requirements and other usage info available at the download link on Microsoft.com.

Once you have all the necessary resources mocked up that you need, the tool will then display the estimated monthly costs for everything. You can also save the final estimate to an Excel spreadsheet so you can easily share it within your organization.



Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the numbers generated from the tool are just an estimate. The final amounts you’ll get billed for service usage could be different, especially if the Azure Pricing is changed or you use different amounts of cloud resources once you start migrating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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