One of the many questions I’ve had about the Microsoft HoloLens has been about the ability to watch media content. Just like many other people, I do subscribe to Netflix and it’s my most used media streaming service. The Microsoft HoloLens is a pretty cool Augmented Reality (AR) device, and it enables some really cool game types that weren’t previously possible. However, what it you just want to sit back and watch a movie or TV show? How does the HoloLens fare for viewing traditional 2-Dimensional content?

Netflix and Microsoft Edge Browser

The Microsoft HoloLens comes with the Microsoft Edge web browser. While this browser isn’t very widely adopted compared to Chrome or Firefox, but it’s still a very capable web browser. Edge is also the web browser currently available to Microsoft HoloLens via Windows 10.

The Netflix web site allows for content streaming from any device. Many platforms and devices have Netflix apps, but the website offers the most flexible option to support almost any device that doesn’t yet have an app. Know this along with the fact that HoloLens has the Edge browser, it’s logical to assume that Netflix content can be streamed to the HoloLens over the web on the Edge browser. Does Netflix streaming work in the Edge browser?

Fortunately, the Microsoft Edge browser is just as capable on Microsoft HoloLens as it is on a desktop or tablet Windows 10 PC. As a result of this, Netflix website content streaming works perfectly on the Microsoft HoloLens! Simply open the Edge browser on HoloLens, navigate to and start binge watching!

Netflix App Not in Windows Store

Currently a search for “Netflix” in the Windows Store on the Microsoft HoloLens does not yield a Netflix app. This means there is not a native Windows 10 app for Netflix. However, don’t let this discourage you, as previously explained within this article, the website streams content just fine using the Microsoft Edge web browser.

As the Microsoft HoloLens platform grows it’s very likely that Netflix will release a Windows 10 App for HoloLens. It’s important to remember that the Microsoft HoloLens platform has just been released and isn’t even broadly available for purchase by the general public yet.

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