At first glance, Virtual Machine pricing in Microsoft Azure seems fairly straight forward. However, the different VM pricing tiers actually do vary in price from region to region. In fact comparing the prices across regions can be a little tricky whether you’re using the Pricing Calculator or the pricing info in the Azure Portal. However, Victor Kiselev has compiled all the Azure pricing together into an easy to use comparison tool.

You can find Victor’s tool at http://azureprice.net and it combines the pricing data for all VM instance sizes across all Azure regions. Everything is displayed in a nice, simple table that makes it very easy to see and compare prices. It even includes a “Best price region” column that shows you which Azure Region has the cheapest price for a particular Azure VM Instance Size.

How to Compare Azure VM Pricing Across Azure Regions 1

This tool is not affiliated with Microsoft and is a community contribution from Victor Kiselev. You’ll want to reference the official pricing information from Microsoft before making any final decisions in relation to pricing. Microsoft can change the pricing at any time, and it is possible this tool won’t have the most up-to-date information. Just in case, double check, but this tool will certainly be very useful..

When deciding which Azure Region to center your workload usage within, this tool will certainly prove extremely useful. You can weigh the options of the closest Azure Region to your company and/or customers, as well as factor in the hosting cost of your VMs. However, when looking to provision new VMs when you already have existing VM workloads, you’ll want to be sure to factor in the implications communicating from one Azure Region / Datacenter to another.

Thanks, Victor, for this awesome tool!! This will certainly be very useful for many of us!

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