Remote Desktop has been a feature in Windows for a really long time. It allows for you to remote into and use a Windows computer from another Windows computer remotely as if you were sitting down at that computer directly. This is a feature used by many Developers and IT Pros for various reasons such as installing updates, troubleshooting support issues, or just using a Virtual Machine (VM) that is hosted on a server or even in Microsoft Azure. The Remote Desktop Preview app in the Windows Store bring Remote Desktop capabilities to the Microsoft HoloLens as well as any other Windows 10 device.

The Remote Desktop Preview app in the Windows Store is the new UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop application that’s been available to desktop PC’s for many years. With the new UWP application brings new possibilities to not just use Remote Desktop on a Windows 10 Phone with Continuum, but also on the Microsoft HoloLens.

This brings new meaning to the term “Virtual Desktop”!

Here’s a short video I recorded demonstrating the Windows 10 Remote Desktop Preview app from the Windows Store running on a Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition. In this video I’m remoting into a Surface Pro running a Windows 10 Inside Preview build. I also have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse paired with the HoloLens allowing for text input and mouse interaction on the Remote Desktop PC through the HoloLens.

P.S. Yes, that’s an original Microsoft Surface Pro I’m using. Seemed fitting to use a first generation Surface Pro with a first generation Microsoft HoloLens.

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