eBook: Serverless Apps: Architecture, Patterns, and Azure Implementation by Jeremy Likness 1The “Serverless Apps: Architecture, Patterns, and Azure Implementation” eBook, authored by Jeremy Likness, is a guide for cloud native development of applications using serverless compute. This eBook highlights the benefits of serverless architectures, as well as the potential drawbacks of developing serverless apps. Additionally, the book covers a few different serverless design patterns.

eBook Introduction

Here’s the introduction for the book:

“Serverless is the evolution of cloud platforms in the direction of pure cloud native code. Serverless brings developers closer to business logic while insulating them from infrastructure concerns. It’s a pattern that doesn’t imply “no server” but rather, “less server.” Serverless code is event-driven. Code may be triggered by anything from a traditional HTTP web request to a timer or the result of uploading a file. The infrastructure behind serverless allows for instant scale to meet elastic demands and offers micro-billing to truly “pay for what you use.” Serverless requires a new way of thinking and approach to building applications and isn’t the right solution for every problem.”

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