microsoft-bizsparkThe Microsoft BizSpark program offers FREE stuff to Startups for 3 years. This includes software, service, technical support, as well as Microsoft Azure cloud service usage. This offers a huge advantage to small, startups looking to build a product, but possibly don’t have the revenue to afford MSDN Subscriptions or Microsoft Azure services. With BizSpark, startups can afford these things while they grow their revenue while starting out.

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The general BizSpark benefits include:

  • $150 per month in FREE Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • FREE software and tools, like Visual Studio and Office

If your startup is enrolled in BizSpark Plus then you’ll get up to $120,000 of FREE Azure cloud services for 1 year!


BizSpark is not available to all companies, and since it targets startups there are a couple requirements startups must meet in order to join BizSpark and receive the FREE benefits offered. Here’s the basic list of requirements:

  • Startup must be less than 5 years old
  • Must be privately held
  • Earns less than $1 million annually

Additionally, to join BizSpark Plus, the startup must be a member of select Accelerators. Please, see the official BizSpark site for more information about Acclerators and other requirements to receive the free benefits.

Microsoft Azure supports a very broad set of technologies, languages, frameworks and operating systems; including Node.js, PHP, Java, .NET Framework, Ruby, MongoDB, Python, Hadoop, Linux, and much more! Do not discount the power that Microsoft Azure and the cloud could offer your startup!

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