The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a pretty big update for Windows Desktop, and it’s not any different for Windows IoT Core! It’s been an entire year since the initial release of Windows IoT Core and it’s definitely due for a major update. There are a bunch of really great features including improved performance and official support for the Raspberry Pi 3. There is also the addition of the Windows IoT Remote Client app for desktop or phone.

New Raspberry Pi 3 Support

Raspberry_Pi_Logo.svgThe Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest update of the Raspberry Pi board / computer. It was released back in on Leap Day (Feb 29) 2016. Initially Windows IoT Core didn’t officially support the Raspberry Pi 3, at least until an Insider Preview build was released to support it. That basically makes it an entire 5 months without Windows IoT Core support. The Windows IoT Core Anniversary Update finally adds public support for the Raspberry Pi 3!


This update brings functional parity between the Raspberry PI 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. It even includes a single firmware (FFU) for both the Pi 2 and Pi 3. This makes it greatly more convenient when choosing which image to flash a Micro SD Card with.

WindowsIoTRemoteClientIconWindows IoT Remote Client

One of the many updates with the Windows IoT Core Anniversary Update is the addition of the new Windows IoT Remote Client app available in the Windows Store.

The Windows IoT Remote Client application is a part of the remote display and sensor technology available in the latest release of Windows IoT Core. This app can be used to connect a Windows 10 computer (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet) to a Windows IoT Core Device (Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, etc). The Windows IoT Core device will transmit it’s graphical UI of the currently running UWP application to the computer running the Windows IoT Remote Client app. This allows for complete remote control of Windows IoT Core devices from Windows 10 in the same fashion as other removing solutions like Remote Desktop for PCs.


The Windows IoT Remote Client app can be downloaded from the Windows Store to any Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile computer. It also supports x86 and ARM CPU architectures at this time.

More information on using the Windows IoT Remote Client app can be found in the Windows Dev Center.

New Major Features

In addition to adding support for the Raspberry PI 3 and the Windows IoT Remote Client, there are a few additional features that have been added to Windows IoT Core in the Anniversary Update.

  • Windows Store Integration allows Windows 10 IoT Core devices to connect to the Windows Store to service applications
  • Use of NOOBS now supports 8GB SD Cards
  • Improved Azure IoT Hub connectivity
  • Support for multiple foreground apps
  • Added IoTivity AllJoyn Device System Bridge support
  • Arduino INO integration to improve Arduino hardware support with command line tools
  • Updated Windows IoT Core Dashboard with support for Raspberry Pi 3 and setting up Wifi connection through the IoT Dashboard
  • New IoT Core Manufacturing Guide with information for creating custom FFU images for mass-producing devices that run Windows IoT Core.
  • Support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for commercial builders
  • Ability for commercial builders to cross sign their own drivers to be compatible with Secure Boot

There have also been a few updates to other IoT Core documentation and samples. Here’s a couple samples to check out:

Happy building! Here’s the full release notes for the Windows 10 IoT Core Anniversary Update.

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