AzurePortalAvailabilityChartScreenshotThe Azure Portal duality has been a source of confusion for many almost since the original launch of Microsoft Azure. There’s been 2 separate portals for a really long time. Recently, they’ve been renamed the “Current Azure Portal” and the “Classic Azure Portal”. However, neither portal has the same Azure feature support. This makes for a bit of confusion until you learn what can be managed from which portal.

Thankfully to make things much easier than pure discovery, Microsoft has an Azure portal availability chart. Like much of the documentation on any product, things can get buried in the mass. So, I thought I’d bring this little nugget to light and draw some attention to it.

Here’s the link to the Azure portal availability chart:

I don’t want to duplicate the chart within this post since it will become outdated rather quickly. So instead, I encourage you to bookmark the official link and refer to it when ever the “Portal Duality Confusion” sets in.

Happy Azure Management!

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