Sometimes the little features added to software and services can really go a long way. Recently, Microsoft added a new Generally Available feature to Microsoft Azure that adds the ability to get your Azure Subscription invoice statements emailed to you automatically. This is a feature you would have thought would have been there already, but now it really is.

The feature is “Opt-in” so you need to go into your Azure Subscription and turn it on. To do this you can simply navigate to the Azure Portal, then go to your Subscription and under Billing Account click Invoices. Then you will be presented with a button titled Send my Invoice.


Clicking the Send my Invoice button will open a dialog where you can Opt-in and Agree to the warning terms to start receiving your Azure Subscription invoices via Email.

azuresendbillinginvoices02Once you Opt-in the Email address for the Subscription Administrator will automatically be entered in to receive the invoice emails. You can also click on Configure, and then add any other Email recipients you would like those Azure Subscription invoice statements to go to as well.


There is also the option to click on Opt-out to stop receiving your Azure Subscription invoices via email if you no longer wish to receive them this way.

NOTE:  You can only access this feature if you are an Account Admin. Also, this Send my invoice feature is only available for some Azure Subscriptions such as Pay-as-you-go. Any EA or CSP Azure Subscriptions will NOT be able to utilize this feature.

This should help ease the pain of Azure Subscription invoicing and expensing!

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