The Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) is a really amazing little IoT (Internet of Things) prototyping board with lots of sensors, buttons, OLED display, Wifi, and other things all built in! This is the official Azure IoT Dev Kit from Microsoft, and is manufactured in partnership with MXChip. There are a few 3rd parties that have been selling these boards since the pre-orders started, however, you can now purchase the Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) with Free Shipping from Amazon.

Order Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) on Amazon with FREE Shipping 1

At the time of writing this, the AZ3166 Azure IoT Dev Kit board is being sold  on Amazon with Free Shipping. I don’t know if any other resellers are planning on offering this for sale on Amazon, or how much supply Plugable has, so you might want to act fast. Otherwise, if you order from the other 3rd party resellers, you will be paying somewhere in between $5 and $10 USD for shipping to the USA.

Here’s some localized purchase links:

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