lrn-exam-office365-logoThe Cloud ecosystem is split between Public and Private clouds. Microsoft Azure sits on the Public side, while on-premises data centers are on the Private side. The Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals (98-369) Exam is situated a bit in-between the Public and Private clouds. This exam covers topics around Office 365, Microsoft Intone, firewalls, network topology and devices, and network ports.

Certification Target Audience

Candidates for the Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals (98-369) Exam should be familiar with the technologies and concepts of cloud computing described in the skills measured. The candidate should be familiar with Office 365, Microsoft Intone, firewalls, network topologies and devices, and network ports.

Skills Measured

Here’s a high level list of the skills measured and objectives covered on this certification exam. The percentages next to each represents the number of questions on the exam that are in each of the specific categories.

  • Understand the cloud (20-25%)
    • Describe cloud principles and delivery mechanisms
    • Describe cloud security requirements and policies
    • Describe how a cloud service stays up to date and available
    • Describe the different types of cloud services
  • Enable Microsoft cloud services (20-25%)
    • Identify the requirements and dependencies for using Office 365 and Microsoft Intune
    • Select a cloud service plan
    • Sign up for cloud services
    • Set up the initial configuration of cloud services
  • Administer Office 365 and Microsoft Intune (15-20%)
    • Create users and groups, and assign services and licenses
    • Assign permissions in Office 365 and Microsoft Intune
    • Monitor service health in Office 365 and Microsoft Intune
  • Use and configure Microsoft cloud services (20 – 25%)
    • Configure Exchange Online
    • Configure SharePoint Online, including OneDrive
    • Configure Skype for Business Online
    • Configure Microsoft Intune
  • Support cloud users (15 – 20%)
    • Resolve Sign-in and Office application installation issues
    • Resolve email and calendar issues
    • Resolve SharePoint and OneDrive issues
    • Resolve Skype for Business issues

For more information about this exam, please reference the following link on the Microsoft Learning website:


Training Materials

As with all certification exam from Microsoft it’s best to use multiple sources of information to study from. This can really help retain the content and other information necessary to pass the exam. The Microsoft product documentation is always a really great place to go, but don’t forget about books and other types of content posted online.


The “Exam 98-369 MTA Cloud Fundamentals” book from Microsoft Official Academic Course provides some dedicated courseware covering the exam objectives.



Practice Test / Exam

In addition to all the reading and hands-on learning you do, it’s always a great idea to utilize a good practice test when studying for any certification exam. This not only helps you learn all the content, but it also helps you get familiar with the types and styles of questions on the actual exam.

MeasureUp is a good practice exam vendor, and they have a 98-369 Cloud Fundamentals practice exam available for purchase.

Happy studying!

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