GitHub keeps on innovating in the source control management and collaboration space. There have been great new features like GitHub Actions recently, as well as GitHub’s announcement of acquiring npm. One of the latest things to come out of GitHub is the release of the new GitHub Mobile App for both iOS and Android.

GitHub is the most popular place to host open source projects, as well as to collaborate with many other developers while working on those open source projects. GitHub even has the ability to create private and enterprise projects using their service for more proprietary and close source projects to be managed using git and GitHub. The platform includes many features for helping teams collaborate on the development process using the git version control workflow with features such as git source control, issues, pull requests, and even CI/CD features like GitHub Actions.

The world’s development platform in your pocket!
Bring GitHub collaboration tools to your small screens with GitHub for mobile.

GitHub for mobile

Within the toolset of using GitHub services and features for managing software projects is the latest release of the GitHub Mobile App for iOS and Android. The mobile app enables many of the social-style features to be more easily accessible from any mobile device.

GitHub Mobile App Released 1

These GitHub Mobile features include:

  • Receive mobile notifications
  • Organize tasks with a GitHub inbox
  • Collaborate from anywhere through Issue and Pull Request (PR) management
  • Review bug fixes or merge code on the go
  • Automatically supports dark mode based on your device preferences

You can find more information about the GitHub Mobile app at https://github.com/mobile

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