Ever wish you had a Docker dev workstation in Azure? About two months ago, we introduced the Azure Kung Fu VM, and judging by the views of that article many of you gave it a try.

Today, I wanted to share a different version of that VM running Docker Desktop. You can now use the same one-click method to start a deployment in Azure and have a fully functional docker desktop. To make this possible, we are using a V3 virtual machine size in Azure, which allows for nested virtualization.

On the GitHub repo, you can click the Deploy to Azure button and this will start the deployment, or click the button below:

Docker development VM in Azure 1

You can also view the ARM Template for the VM at the GitHub repo: https://github.com/Build5Nines/azure-kung-fu-dockervm

Docker development VM in Azure 2
Click Deploy to Azure

Make sure to add your username, password, and the IP Address of your local workstation (this will secure your machine using a Network Security Group). You can use IP Chicken to find your address.

Docker development VM in Azure 3
Find your IP address to secure the VM

Once the VM deployment is complete use the Azure Portal and connect to your VM using RDP. Then open the Computer Management Tool in Windows 10 to add your user name to the docker-users group.

Docker development VM in Azure 4
Add yourself to the docker-users group

Logout of the VM to have the group membership take effect, and then reconnect using RDP. At this point, you can double-click on Docker for Windows. It will take a few minutes for docker to start and you will see a few pop-ups.

Docker development VM in Azure 5
Docker is starting…
Docker development VM in Azure 6
Docker running…

With Docker now running on your Azure VM, you can start working or complete the tutorial on how to get started.

Docker development VM in Azure 7
Learn docker

You will also want to log into Docker Hub, so that you can download and run containers that are publicly available.

Docker development VM in Azure 8
Docker Hub

Happy Containers,


Microsoft MVP

Dan Patrick is the Chief Infrastructure Architect for Solliance and a 15 year veteran at Microsoft. He has an extensive background in IT Infrastructure and Operations. Dan has both architected and lead teams building and supporting some of the largest service providers in North America with as many 15,000 Windows Servers and 120 million endpoints. Dan has worked with Azure IaaS solutions extensively since 2012. He has a passion for Virtualization with deep experience leveraging Hyper-V, Vmware, and Citrix. He is also a Clustering specialist focusing on large host clusters and SQL Always On Availability Groups. Recently Dan, authored the Networking, Azure Active Directory and Containers portion of the 70-533 Exam Reference for Microsoft Press. You can follow him on Twitter @deltadan