Feedspot: Awarded Top 20 Microsoft Azure Blog

Being recognized for your hard work and dedication is always great. A growing list of subscribers and ever increasing traffic stats are pretty awesome! However, to be ranked as the number 1 Microsoft Azure blog to follow in 2019 is truly amazing! A little while ago, Feedspot published their list of the Top 50 Microsoft Azure Blogs to follow in 2019, and BuildAzure.com is ranked at the top.

Technically, BuildAzure.com is listed in the second spot, but do you know who is first? The official Microsoft Azure blog from Microsoft is ranked #1, so that means BuildAzure.com is the #1 non-Microsoft blog on Azure!

While it’s great to be ranked #1, it’s also important to note all the other great blogs on the list too. Please take a minute to check out the list and browse through all the other great blogs on the Top 50 list as well. Congratulations everyone, this community wouldn’t be what it is without each of you; in addition to the countless other blogs that didn’t make the list.

Thanks Feedspot! I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other next year as well.

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