The new Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer provides a GUI interface for managing Azure Storage from both Windows and Mac OS X. Rather than build this functionality into the Azure Management Portal, the Azure Storage Explorer is a stand-along application that runs natively on the PC.

Azure Storage Explorer Screenshot

This is one of the latest tools added to the full stack of Microsoft Azure development and management tools. The release of the Azure Storage Explorer finally brings a nice GUI interface for working with Azure Blog Storage that allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Create Containers
  • Delete Containers
  • Upload Blobs
  • Download Blobs
  • Delete Blobs
  • Search Across ALL Containers
  • Search Across ALL Blobs
  • Work with SAS Keys
  • Work with SAS Poicies

And, it’s FREE!

Download For Windows    DownloadForMacButton

If you’re looking for a Linux version, you’ll need to look at the older, open source “deco” project on GitHub.

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