There are many 3rd party VM appliance images available within the Azure Marketplace. Many of them offer Router, Firewall, and VPN solutions. One such solution is the pfSense for Azure VM image from Netgate.

To find “pfSense for Azure” in the Azure Marketplace, just follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Azure Portal
  2. Click on the “+New” button in the upper left of the Azure Portal
  3. Type in “pfSense” into the Search box, and press Enter to search
  4. Click on “pfSense for Azure” to bring up the information about it
  5. Lastly, click the blue “Create” button to begin provisioning a VM with pfSense


The pfSense for Azure VM image does include free usage (aside from the cost of the Azure VM hosting) for shared core and single-core VM instances. There is a small hourly licensing charge per hour on larger VM instance sizes with a 1-month free trial available as well.

Here’s some additional information about pfSense for Azure as listed in the details of the VM within the Azure Marketplace:

pfSense for Azure delivers advanced routing, firewall and VPN for your cloud-based infrastructure. Much more than a simple gateway or firewall solution, this appliance will cut operating expenses by providing new options for security traffic engineering.

With pf Sense for Azure you can easily manage traffic in your cloud network as well as connect your Azure infrastructure to your remote networks, whether they’re on premise or in the cloud.

Stop paying for multiple Azure VPN Gateways by terminating multiple VPN tunnels on a single pfSense VM. You may also use the same appliance for secure remote access, and enable privacy and anonymity for end users. This appliance supports peer to peer tunnel operation with compatible devices, including other instances of pfSense.


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