logic-apps-new-colorMicrosoft has announces a bunch of updates to Azure Logic Apps. If you’re note familiar with Azure Logic Apps, they provide a “no-code” solution for using a WYSIWYG (or visual) designer that allows you to build and configure business process workflow automation via drag-n-drop actions. You can also drop down to edit the JSON definition directly, but you don’t need to be a programmer to use the “no-code”, visual designer. There are many amazing features in Azure Logic Apps, and with this latest update release Azure Logic Apps is getting even better and more powerful!

Here’s a simple list of the updates in this January 2017 update:

  • New connector search experience to search by service and then view all triggers and actions
  • Use the new Switch Condition to implement branch logic using switch and cases
  • New authentication options have been added to HTTP actions
  • Many actions have newly updated Icons and brand colors
  • New Dynamic outputs in dynamic fields support in the Designer.

Here are some bug fixes released:

  • OAuth fixes for IE11
  • Fix occasional errors when switching to code-view before finishing configuring actions
  • Correctly surface XML errors / exceptions from use of @xml()
  • zoom fixes in IE11
  • Correctly reload Compose card when inputs and outputs are empty

There are also a few new Azure Logic App Connectors. Here’s the list of connectors that have been added:

  • OneNote (Business)
  • Stripe
  • Power BI Steaming Dataset
  • Outlook Tasks
  • Typeform

It’s really nice to see some more recent updates to Azure Logic Apps. It’s a really great service, and as with most software it can always be improved and made more powerful. However, it’s really pretty great as it already stands today. Great job Azure Logic Apps team!

This article is based off a recent 2017-01-10 release update announcement from Microsoft.

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