There have been a few great Azure IoT announcements and session made available by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Ignite 2020 virtual conference. With the flood of information coming out of Microsoft Ignite 2020, it can be difficult to parse out the specific announcements and sessions of interest, so here’s a list that’s focused solely on the topics of Azure IoT.

Let’s take a look at the top Azure IoT (Internet of Things) announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2020!

Azure IoT Announcements

Azure SQL Edge, Optimized for IoT Gateways and Devices now GA

Azure SQL Edge, which brings the most secure Microsoft SQL data engine to Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and edge devices, is now available. Optimized for IoT workloads, SQL Edge supports built-in data streaming, storage and artificial intelligence packed into a small footprint container that works in connected or disconnected environments.

Built on the same code base as Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL, Azure SQL Edge provides the same industry-leading security, the same familiar developer experience, and the same tooling that many teams already know and trust. ​

Azure SQL Edge is a small-footprint container — less than 500 megabytes — running in ARM- and x64-based devices in connected, disconnected or semi-connected environments.

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New Azure Certified Device Program

A new Azure Certified Device program will streamline the experience of connecting the right device to the right solution through its Azure Certified Device Catalog, benefiting both device builders and solution builders.

For device builders, the certification reduces time to market, as they no longer have to use their own time and resources to verify, validate and communicate trust. For the solution builder and distributor, the certification ensures both quality and compatibility.

The catalog will highlight device compatibility and differentiation through three Azure certifications:

  • Azure Certified Device, the entry-level certification that validates that a device can connect with Azure IoT Hub and securely provision through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS)
  • IoT Plug and Play, announced in August, the certification that simplifies the process of building devices without custom device code
  • Edge-managed certification, which focuses on device management standards for Azure connected devices for IoT devices running Windows, Linux or RTOS. Today, this program certification focuses on Edge runtime compatibility for module deployment and management.

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AT&T brings first Azure Sphere Cellular Guardian device to market

With the launch of the first Azure Sphere cellular guardian device, AT&T is enabling customers to expand connectivity and security without relying on Wi-Fi access.

This new product can connect a company’s various existing devices and machines directly to the customer’s cloud via a cellular network. This allows the customer to manage and monitor thousands of devices, aggregate data and identify potential problems.

By using the AT&T cellular network, enterprise customers can connect devices in more than 200 countries across 500 carriers where AT&T offers managed services to support day-to-day operations. AT&T offers end-to-end professional services, and the secure cellular network extends the secure architecture of Azure Sphere.

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Azure IoT Sessions at MS Ignite 2020

Here are a few of the great Azure IoT sessions available for viewing on the Microsoft Ignite conference website. These sessions are recorded and will be available for recording within 24 hours of their live stream.

Azure IoT services, roadmap and vision: from connected assets to connected environments

Azure IoT is paving the way back to the workplace with the most comprehensive and powerful set of services and is leading the industry in simplifying IoT.  Learn how IoT is evolving from providing insights and control of connected assets, to providing insights and control of entire connected environments. This session will delve into the Azure IoT services and our innovation roadmap across cloud and edge that enables this evolution.

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Sam George – CVP, Azure IoT, Microsoft

Azure IoT: building end to end IoT solutions

The value in IoT comes from end to end business solutions that connect devices, provide insights and drive informed action. We’ll cover two approaches to building IoT solutions on Azure, including using our IoT Reference Architecture or using IoT Central, our industry leading IoT application platform that requires zero cloud solution development skills. We’ll cover how to connect an IoT Edge and an Azure Sphere device using both approaches. Come learn just how easy and powerful we’ve made IoT.

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Cory Newton-Smith – Azure IoT Principal PM Manager, Microsoft
Pamela Cortez – Azure IoT Senior PM, Microsoft

Ask the Expert: Azure IoT: From connected assets to connected environments with IoT Plug and Play

Azure IoT is paving the way back to the workplace with the most comprehensive and powerful set of services and is leading the industry in simplifying IoT. Join this Ask the Experts to ask all your questions relating to how you can connect IoT devices to the cloud seamlessly with Plug and Play.

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Sam George – CVP, Azure IoT, Microsoft

Gathering data from the world

Internet of Things (IoT) is the common term used for small devices designed to provide constant streams of information about what’s going on around it. IoT devices can count actions, measure the weather, or track location. All the information being gathered needs to be stored somewhere and eventually read. Let’s talk about some of the options available to you, and how you can begin to see what’s going on with your devices.

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Jim Bennett – Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Azure AI and IoT to support smart office reopening with RXR Realty

Hand-on deep dive of RXR Realty’s pioneering work to make it safer for people to return back to the workplace amid Covid-19 in New York.  Includes demonstration and explanation of how they are leveraging Azure AI and IoT for automated health checks, air quality control, social distancing, mask compliance and much more. This is an Ignite exclusive show from Microsoft Mechanics.

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Jeremy Chapman – Directory, Microsoft
Cory Clarke – VP Product Management, RXR Realty

Learn how insanely easy Vision AI can enable real time insights for Manufacturing

Intelligent Industry Solution Series: Integration of cameras into factory floors, warehouses and retail environment can bring immediate and actionable insights. The new Factory AI tool makes the integration of vision analytics easy and seamless.  With a few basic inputs, any factory floor or business can enable real time insights across a variety of use cases. Hear from Intel and Microsoft experts on the value of intelligent vision and how to get started.

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David Armour – Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Philip Van De Mortel – Edge Sales Manager, Intel

Remote Patient Monitoring: Sharing a blueprint to enhance patient care and safety

Intelligent Industry Solution Series: Enhancing patient care starts with comprehensive information and personalized treatment. Combined with increased safety measures, the healthcare industry has fast tracked telehealth solutions. One practice is Remote Patient Monitoring, which reduces in-person visits, boosts patient convenience and provider efficiency. In this session, we will look at Telehealth trends, and share a remote patient monitoring blueprint enabled by Microsoft and Intel.

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Anne Barker – Enterprise Account Executive, Intel
Michela Sainato – Program Manager II, Microsoft

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