nodejsDid you know Microsoft Azure can host Node.js web apps too? Microsoft Azure is about much more than just Windows and Microsoft’s developer tools. Node.js is just one of the many great platforms that are supported on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide array of creation, deployment and management capabilities through the Azure Management Portal, PowerShell cmdlets or the Xplat CLI (cross-platform, command-line interface).

Visual Studio Integration

The Node.js Tools for Visual Studio is an open source, free plugin for Visual Studio that turns it into a full Node.js Development Environment.

Also, the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio are even Open Source and hosted on Github!

Open Source SDK

The open source Microsoft Azure SDK for Node.js provides functionality to easily consume and mange Azure Services from any Node.js application.

The Azure SDK for Node.js is Open Source and hosted over on Github.


Here are a few articles on creating and managing Node.js application on the Azure platform:

Since no Azure application is complete without the utilization of other Azure services, here are some articles on consuming Azure services:

Happy developing Node.js apps on Azure!

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