Microsoft recently released the first preview of the Azure Bicep project which provides a new, more intuitive language for building out infrastructure as code deployments in Microsoft Azure. The v0.1 release includes support for a number of great features, including automatic support for Azure Resource Providers (ARM Providers) and API Versions (“apiVersion”) of the APIs. A few features that were announced to be coming soon includes code reuse through modules, loops, and more!

Here’s a short timeline / roadmap for Azure Bicep that was announced my Microsoft:

Azure Bicep v0.1 (already released)

  • Project launch & public repo went live August 31, 2020 (alpha release)

Azure Bicep v0.2 (coming October / November 2020)

Azure Bicep v0.3 (coming December 2020 / January 2021)

  • More features being added to Bicep that are already supported by ARM Templates
    • Loops
    • Conditionals
  • Decompiler that can convert existing ARM Templates into Azure Bicep code files
  • Encouragement of using Azure Bicep in Production environments
Azure Bicep Roadmap Q4'20 into 2021 1
Azure Bicep Roadmap for Q4’20 into 2021

This timeline of features coming to Azure Bicep was announced by Microsoft in a YouTube video that was published this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more news about the features coming to Azure Bicep during Microsoft Ignite 2020.

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