The Terraform Azure (azurerm) Provider can be used to configure infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. The v2.30.20 release of the azurerm Terraform Provider is now available. This is an incremental release of the v2.0 azurerm Terraform provider, and provides a few new features and improvements!

Here’s an example Terraform provider reference that specifies to use the azurerm 2.30.0 provider version:

# Configure the Microsoft Azure Provider v2.30.0
provider "azurerm" {
  version = "=2.30.0"
  features {}

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Release Notes

The azurerm v2.30.0 Terraform provider release includes a few new features, as well as other improvements. Here’s the release notes for this release that was published on the official project page.

Upgrade Notes

  • This release renames certain fields within the azurerm_cosmosdb_account (data source & resource) and azurerm_function_app_host_keys data source to follow HashiCorp’s inclusive language guidelines – where fields have been renamed, existing fields will continue to remain available until the next major version of the Azure Provider (v3.0)


  • New Data Source: azurerm_cosmosdb_sql_storedprocedure (#6189)
  • New Data Source: azurerm_ip_groups (#8556)
  • New Resource: azurerm_ip_groups (#8556)
  • New Resource: azurerm_resource_group_template_deployment (#8672)
  • New Resource: azurerm_subscription_template_deployment (#8672)


  • dependencies: updating iothub to 2020-03-01 (#8688)
  • dependencies: updating storagecache to 2020-03-01 (#8078)
  • dependencies: updating resources to API Version 2020-06-01 (#8672)
  • azurerm_analysis_services_server – support for the S8v2 and S9v2 SKU’s (#8707)
  • azurerm_cognitive_account – support for the S sku (#8639)
  • azurerm_container_group – support for the dns_config block (#7912)
  • azurerm_cosmosdb_account – support the zone_reduntant property (#8295)
  • azurerm_cosmosdb_mongo_collection – will now respect the order of the keys property in the index block (#8602)
  • azurerm_hpc_cache – support the mtu and root_squash_enabled properties (#8078)
  • azurerm_key_vault – add support for enable_rbac_authorization (#8670)
  • azurerm_lighthouse_assignment – limit the scope property to subsriptions (#8601)
  • azurerm_logic_app_workflow – support for the integration_service_environment_id property (#8504)
  • azurerm_servicebus_topic – validate the max_size_in_megabytes property (#8648)
  • azurerm_servicebus_queue – validate the max_size_in_megabytes property (#8648)
  • azurerm_servicebus_subscription_rule – support the correlation_filter.properties property (#8646)
  • azurerm_storage_management_policy – support the appendBlob value for blob_types (#8659)

Bug Fixes

  • azurerm_monitor_metric_alert – property wait when creating/updating multiple monitor metric alerts (#8667)
  • azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set – fix empty JSON error in settings and protected_settings when these values are not used (#8627)
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