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We can help your team be more productive in the Cloud and Enteprise space using Microsoft and Open Source technologies.

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We can help train your teams and better prepare them to build and manage the Microsoft Azure cloud solutions to bring your organization to the next level. We have experience training Developer, Administrator, DevOps, and other teams of all sizes.
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DevOps in Azure

We can help you automate your infrastructure or configure your CI/CD build pipelines. We do this through the use of various command-line and automation tools like Azure DevOps, Azure CLI, and ARM Templates, among others.
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Content Development

We can help with your content development needs, with our experience developing training and other technical content for organizations of all sizes; including startups to Fortune 100 enterprises. 
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Cloud Migration

We can help you streamline your migration and adoption of the Microsoft Azure cloud, and help you identify efficient and cost effective solutions; while increasing automation and ROI.
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We can help enhance your security posture in the Microsoft Azure cloud, and with your on-premises integration. The cloud presents unique security challenges and we can help you face them confidently.
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Cloud Architecture

We can help you design and orchestrate your solutions to use Microsoft Azure services and cloud design patterns. Most organizations weren’t born in the cloud, but we will help your organization build/migrate solutions like you were. 

We help you be more productive in the cloud!

In addition to all the amazing free content you can find here, you can also hire Chris Pietschmann on a consultant basis to help you be more productive in the cloud too!
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Professional Cloud Consulting & Training Services

Expertise Areas

Led by Chris Pietschmann, Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Build5Nines has expertise across a wide range of Microsoft technologies and industries.

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Microsoft Azure


Software Development

Internet of Things

Cloud Architecture

Microsoft Azure, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, Agile, SCRUM, Git, .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, ARM Templates, HTML5, CSS, Azure App Service, serverless, Azure Functions, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Networking, Azure Cosmos DB, NoSQL, SQL Server/Database, Azure IoT, Azure Sphere, Arduino, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Software Development, Cloud Architecture, Big Data, Lambda Architecture, Blockchain, and much more!

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