The Microsoft Virtual Security Summit is a 3 hour long, virtual event packed with information on protecting your organization in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Cybersecurity has become a priority IT concern due to the nearly weekly announcements of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is extremely important for every organization. At this event you will learn about modern cyberattacks, and the tools you can use to keep your devices, platforms, and people safe.


Join the Microsoft Virtual Security Summit on Match 29th to hear from top security experts and Microsoft professionals for this 3 hour event. You will learn information that will help you better understand the modern Enterprise Security industry.

Here are some of the take aways you will get from attending:

  • Learn about modern cybercriminals and their evolving tactics
  • Hear how cyberwar and cyberterrorism affect you and your organization
  • Learn from leading security experts about how they keep their organizations safe
  • Discover tools you can use to protect your people, platforms and devices

When: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT (12:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET)
Where: Online


  • Cyberterrorism, Cybercrime and Cyberwar – How They Affect You and Your Organization – P. W. Singer
  • Who is the Modern Cybercriminal? – James Lyne
  • Best Practices: How Microsoft Ensures Cyber Defense in an Era of Cybercrime – Pete Boden, Richard Boscovich
  • How to Ensure Data Security and Compliance – Dennis Garcia
  • Anatomy of Breach: How Hackers Break In – TBD
  • What is the Future of Cybersecurity? – Paul Edlund
  • How to Keep Your Organization Secure on a Single Security Platform – TBD
  • Live Demo: How to Protect against, Detect and Respond to Threats – Julia White
  • Expert Perspective: Microsoft’s CISO on Cybersecurity – Bret Arsenault

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Chris Pietschmann is a Microsoft MVP, HashiCorp Ambassador, and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with 20+ years of experience designing and building Cloud & Enterprise systems. He has worked with companies of all sizes from startups to large enterprises. He has a passion for technology and sharing what he learns with others to help enable them to learn faster and be more productive.
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