The first ever Microsoft Linux Conference named WSLConf is being held on March 10 – 11, 2020 in Redmond, WA, and it’s free to attend. With great news for the conference, and possibly bad news for you, the first ever WSLConf is SOLD OUT! That is for in-person General Admission tickets anyway. There is still availability to register to attend virtually via the Livestream!

This appears to be a new development that General Admission tickets are sold out. I was tipped off by Hayden Barnes via Twitter, and went to double check for myself. And, sure enough, General Admission is sold out.

If you are still interested in the WSLConf conference, and want to attend in-person you can join the waitlist and see if any space opens up. However, another option is to register for the “Livestream Only” ticket so you can watch the conference remotely.

However, another option is to register for the “Livestream Only” ticket so you can watch the conference remotely.

Outside of the General Admission and Livestream tickets, there are a couple other options for attendees still available. If you are a Student (“must be enrolled full or part-time and under 25) there are Student tickets still available. If you are Media (“For members of the press, bloggers covering the event, and podcasters”) there are still Media tickets available as well. Also, there are still Microsoft Employee tickets listed to be available as well.

At least for now, there are still tickets available for Students, Media, and Microsoft Employees, as is listed on the registration website.

Personally, I’m looking forward to attending via the Livestream option. Although, maybe I could get a Media ticket as a blogger covering the event for Build5Nines.com… hmm… Well, anyway, you should feel lucky (at least a little) if you’re attending in person. If you’re not so lucky, then hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the Livestream they will so generously be providing the rest of us.

What an AMAZING thing to say, “Microsoft Linux Conference is SOLD OUT!”

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