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Get Started with Azure Bicep – Alternative to ARM Templates

Azure Bicep is an abstraction built on top of Azure ARM Templates and Azure Resource Manager that offers a cleaner code syntax with better support for modularity and code re-use. Azure Bicep moves away from the JSON syntax used by ARM Templates and is much easier to both read and write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Azure! This is the latest tool from Microsoft for deploying Azure resources in a DevOps process, and its even open source.

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Pentagon stays with Microsoft for $10 Billion JEDI Contract, Sorry Not Sorry Amazon

Today, the Pentagon stated that the US Department of Defense will be staying with their previous decision to award the $10 Billion JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract to Microsoft. Last October 2019, the Pentagon decided to award Microsoft the JEDI contact, but was met with strong opposition by Amazon and a few others. The contradicting opinions were that either the Pentagon should use two different providers for the contract, and Amazon even attempted to take legal action to overturn the decision.

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Microsoft Killing Visual Studio Codespaces; Moving to GitHub Instead

Microsoft has announced it is killing it’s Visual Studio Codespaces cloud-based IDE for developers. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the new GitHub Codespaces experience and that left use a little confused as to why there were going to be two different Codespaces experiences. Well, as it turns out, Microsoft has decided to consolidate the two Codespaces experiences into having just one GitHub Codespaces experience.

With the consolidation of Codespaces experiences into GitHub Codespaces, there are a couple key dates to be aware of during this transition and eventual retirement of Visual Studio Codespaces:

  • September 4, 2020 – Current users can begin transitioning to the GitHub private beta.
  • November 20, 2020 – Creation of new plans and Visual Studio Codespaces will be disabled, although existing Codespaces may continue to be used. New users will only be able to sign up for GitHub Codespaces.
  • February 17, 2021 – Visual Studio Codespaces portal will be retired. All plans and codespaces remaining in the service will be deleted, so be sure to migrate to GitHub Codespaces by this date!

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