At the WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) 2016, Microsoft gave yet another demo of the Microsoft HoloLens up on stage. The primary focus of showing off the HoloLens has shifted towards enterprise use. This is likely due to the upcoming Enterprise Edition of Microsoft HoloLens that supposedly coming eventually. Microsoft is looking to get companies to adopt HoloLens for innovative work and training scenarios. The Japan Airlines HoloLens demo at WPC 2016 shows off a scenario of how an airline could use HoloLens to train their mechanics without requiring the huge investment of an airplane or jet engine for training purposes.

The possibilities of Microsoft HoloLens are truly amazing! This is a new category of product that make Augmented Reality (AR) more usable than ever before. This Jet Engine training demo is really cool. It’ll be just as interesting to see how many different industries from automotive, to construction, and many others will adopt innovative HoloLens scenarios too!

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