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Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion

Last week Microsoft and GitHub both announced that Microsoft will be acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion. It has been stated that GitHub will remain an independent company and retain its “developer-first ethos” while it continues to provide an open platform for all developers in all industries.


The above photo shows (from left) Chris Wanstrath, Github CEO and co-founder; Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO; and Nat Friedman, Microsoft corporate vice president, Developer Services

After the acquisition is complete, Nat Friedman will be transitioned into the role of GitHub CEO. Chris Wanstrath is the current CEO of GitHub, and at that time he will transition to become a Microsoft Technical Fellow, and report to Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President.

Microsoft is not just picking some random executive to be the new GitHub CEO after the acquisition. Nat Friedman came to Microsoft from the acquisition of Xamarin; the maker of the open source Mono framework (an open source .NET Framework implementation) and maker of cross-platform development tools that allow developers to write mobile apps using C# and .NET tooling to target Windows, iOS, and Android with a single code base or shared code. Nat Friedman has a long history of Open Source, and should be a good steward to lead GitHub moving forward.

All across the Open Source world, there are mixed opinions as to whether this acquisition is a good thing or not. What do you think?

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