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Service Updates

Here’s a list of the Microsoft Azure Service Updates from over the past week:

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Top Links

Here are some of the most notable links from the week:

Blog Articles

Here’s a collection of some of the most note worthy blog articles posted over the past week:


Here are links to some of the videos that have been posted over the past week:

Audio / Podcasts

To complete the collection of different mediums to allow you to consume your Azure news / info in any way you want, here’s a list of the podcasts released this week:

General Cloud / Related

Here’s some noteworthy links about Cloud computing and other related topics that aren’t necessarily specific to Microsoft Azure:

Featured Product

Azure Weekly: Jan 2, 2017 1Azure Weekly: Jan 2, 2017 2Tessel 2 – $49

The Tessel 2 is a robust IoT and robotics development platform that leverages all the libraries of Node.js to create useful devices in minutes

  • 2 Tessel Module Ports: Add sensors and actuators in one step
  • 2 USB ports: Use peripherals like cameras and 3G/4G dongles to add more flash storage
  • 802.11 b/g/n WIFI: Connected out of the box and wirelessly porgrammable
  • Ethernet: An ultra-reliable, wired connection Supports 10/100 ethernet
  • 580MHz Mediatek MT7620n: Execute your program faster

Tessel 2 is also a ecosystem which features plug and [lay modules require no soldering skill and it’s high level APIs could make prototyping even faster than you can image.

You can learn more about the Tessel 2 over at http://tessel.io


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