Microsoft made a lot of announcements with their Microsoft Build 2020 event that kicked off today. The event included TONS of updates and announcements across the entire stack of Microsoft products with a centered focus towards a Developer audience; since #MSBuild is Microsoft’s largest dev focused conference that is held every year.

Azure Service Updates from Microsoft Build 2020

Here’s a list of all the Microsoft Azure service updates published by Microsoft around the Microsoft Build 2020 conference:

Here’s a few of the latest and most popular content from Build5Nines.com that may be of interest to you as well:

MSBuild 2020 Book of News

Azure Announcements from Microsoft Build 2020 7

While you could go watch all the sessions from Microsoft Build 2020 once they are available to learn a ton about all the latest announcements form the event, you can also see a nicely curated list of Microsoft Build 2020 announcements that’s been released by Microsoft in the Book of News.

The Microsoft Build Book of News contains a huge list of information with links to docs and articles about many of the various announcements made around Microsoft Build 2020. While the list above is all the Azure service updates released by Microsoft; the Build Book of News provides you with a curated top list of announcements from Microsoft themselves!

Click here to Read the MSBuild 2020 Book of News!

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